Deseret Tavares

Deseret says that since she was very young she has had extrasensory powers and saw everything as normal. She has never been afraid to face her powers, on the contrary, she began to study and to study the subject in depth, but never looking away from the only mission that drives her to be a better person every day, that of helping to change the world. She has studied in China, India, Peru, Brazil, Thailand, the United States and Colombia. She explored mystical cultures around the world such as Umbanda and high level magic in Brazil, visited monasteries in India and lived with shamans in Colombia. After her studies and explorations, in 2006 she opened The Mystic Altar, her esoteric shop located in Westwood, California, where she receives visitors from all over the world. Sincere, straightforward and with a determined personality is what has led Deseret to conquer the hearts of millions of followers worldwide. We can say that her career as a clairvoyant is at its peak, even though she still has a long way to go and people to help. Every day she strives to reach out to her thousands of followers through her official social media accounts. Her sense of belonging and respect for her

Her profession and her love for the paranormal have allowed her to develop a unique sensitivity and energetic connection, positioning her as one of the most sought after and named psychics in Latin America and the United States.

DESERET TAVARES is “The Clairvoyant of the Hollywood Stars”, that have preferred her to inquire about their future.Personalities such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, the Kardashian sisters, Halle Berry, among other celebrities.

She has made predictions such as the death of José José, Juan Gabriel and Jenny Rivera, the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, earthquake in Mexico in 2017, earthquake in Japan, Chile in 2019, earthquakes in Puerto Rico and Peru in 2019, the fire in the Amazon in 2019, predictions about the Colombian president Ivan Duke, recently also predicted accident in Bolivia of a bus of students, crash of two planes, it is also fulfilled that the former presidents of Peru and Brazil put them in prison, predictions with celebrities like Jlo engagement and infidelity, clashes on the border of Colombia with Venezuela, the birth of twins who are news.

She predicted the attack on Syria:

She predicted another bombing: “I see another bombing. It will cause a lot of controversy, a lot of discord with a country that has been the leader in the situation.

I think it would be the United States, because it says it is the country that initiates or takes the action. We’re going to see that gradually a series of movements are going to start to take place.

She revealed that according to his visions there will be war on American soil and that six cities will be bombed. “The war will not be between Korea and the United States.

Korea is going to provoke that atmosphere, the war will be between China and Russia against the United States, and it’s a war that the US is not going to win”.

During her tour last year in Colombia and Chile, the clairvoyant spoke about several important global issues and foretold things that are happening today.

Let’s start by talking about the natural disasters of which the psychic made predictions. Earthquakes in Chile, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and the most recent one in Los Angeles, were predictions that Deseret spoke about a couple of months ago and that many had doubts would happen.

We saw how in the month of January the prophecies of Deseret began to be fulfilled, in this month El Salvador, Honduras, Peru and Chile were epicentres of several earthquakes that left several dead and many physical damages. In February, the protagonists were Mexico and Ecuador, with the one in Mexico being one of the strongest ever felt in Guadalajara. And in April, there was another tremor in Chile and the last one was in Los Angeles, USA. In addition to tremors, Tavares also predicted the tsunami warnings in Costa Rica and the Caribbean Sea that began to be seen in January and the eruption of a volcano in Tokyo that happened a few days ago. He also predicted the school shooting in the United States in February this year.

On the other hand, and not only making predictions of natural disasters, she also predicted that Alexis Sánchez (Chilean footballer) would have problems with his partner because of possible hidden love affairs, this was news in Chile in January, a month in which we also saw how Deseret’s predictions came true when she said that Shakira would have legal problems, as well as finding out that Carolina Soto (Colombian presenter) would become pregnant. And in March the news that shook the world of football, the death of footballer Davide Astori, about whom Deseret had spoken in an interview in Chile.

Deseret Tavares has made world news with predictions such as the re-election of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela, the crisis in Venezuela, the wedding and birth of Ricky Martin’s daughter, the eruption of the Etna Volcano in Italy, the Tsunami in Indonesia, her high level of assertiveness has placed the clairvoyant in high spheres of information.

In 2019 on her tour of Mexico she was distinguished by having her footprints on the walk of fame in Galerias Plaza de las Estrellas, she was also recognised as the most outstanding Seer in Latin America by the National Chamber of Women, as well as being inducted into the Hall of Fame in Mexico.

For her large number of followers on social media, YouTube has awarded her with a silver award, thus endorsing the authenticity of her fans.

Clairvoyant Deseret Tavares is the only one in Latin America who has participated in the most important media of: United States, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and Uruguay, how: Univision Radio and Television, Telemundo, Chile Vision, La Mega, Rcn, Caracol Caracol Radio and Television, Canal Uno, Grupo Televisa, Unicable, Tv Azteca Mexico, America TV, Telefe, Radio Metro and Revista para Ti in Argentina, Hola Magazine, La Opinión Los Angeles Newspaper, among others.

Deseret Tavares Appearences

Deseret Tavares has managed with her accurate predictions and the success of her consultations to gain so much credibility and trust that different media in the continent have requested her presence to learn a little more about her and her work. At the same time, by increasing her positioning in social networks and gaining visibility in different Latin American countries, the renowned clairvoyant has been on a media tour in recent years to connect more with her followers.

In the United States, where she has lived since a young age, Deseret has been interviewed and has appeared on channels such as Telemundo, Univision, E! Entertainment, Fox, NBC and Discovery Channel. Of her appearances, it is worth mentioning her invitation to the Kardashian Sisters’ show where Deseret read their letters and even continued to do so off-air. On the other hand, in the North American radio world, Deseret’s voice has had great success to the level of having a successful programme for many years, as well as being a constant guest on different radio networks.

Peru and Chile are some of the countries where Deseret’s presence in the media is most requested. During her last tour, the media that Tavares visited in Peru were América TV, En Boca de todos, Panamericana, among others. And in Chile, for her part, the renowned clairvoyant was invited to different media outlets, including La Red, La Mega and Chilevisión. After the tour in those countries, she went to Uruguay and the Dominican Republic, where different channels and radio stations interviewed her.

The next destination was Argentina, where the Colombian received invitations to appear in different programmes on the main national channels. In the case of Canal América 2, Deseret appeared on the programmes Informados de todo, Fantino a la tarde, América 24 and four programmes on Canal 9.

In 2017, the next destination was the Aztec country. The media tour in Mexico City began with the radio station Núcleo Radio Mil with the programme Despabílate con Tavo Maqueda and continued with the renowned television programme El Gordo y La Flaca on Univisión, but the Colombian clairvoyant regularly travels to Mexico where she usually attends programmes such as Hoy, Venga la alegría and Todo un show on TV Azteca.

His media tour ended in his native Colombia. Predictions about national and international artists were the focus of the programme La Kalle on Blu Radio and Caracol TV. The nationally recognised magazine Cromos shared a space with the clairvoyant to talk a little about Tarot and Horoscope. But some of the interviews that had the greatest impact and audience were on Caracol TV, La Mega, ESPN, Noticias RCN and Muy buenos días with the renowned presenter Jota Mario Valencia (RIP).

The print and digital media have not been left behind with the desire to feature Tavares in their articles. Magazines such as Semana, Jet Set and Pulzo have interviewed her on several occasions to give her opinion on different national issues. After this exhausting media tour, Deseret has continued to be connected month after month with different television channels and radio stations, due to her predictions and not least: for having predicted the Covid-19 pandemic.