Auntvi’s Aura Sprays Protection & Intuition


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Protection & Intuition 4OZ

Achieve open communication of spirit by activating the sixth sense. Indigo connects the spiritual to the physical, helping both psychics and new age children to focus.


Originally formulated for new age children known as the “indigos,” the Indigo essence spray provides spiritual protection from negative energies, helping us feel safer receiving love and support from the environment. Perfect for meditation, interpreting dreams and for bringing clarity to night visions, indigo helps deliver messages from the sub-conscious. For spiritual counselors, this essence helps tune into 3rd eye intuition, a “higher” perspective and divine knowledge, supporting clairvoyance and psychic awareness. The combination of Covellite and Lapis gem essences and Cedarwood and Lavender pure essential oils stimulates brain function and mental synergy to help the body rewire old patterns into healthier new ones.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 0.25 in


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