Amazonian Soap Set: Cleansing, Protection, and Positive Energy


Discover the transformative power of our Afro-Brazilian soap set! Crafted with potent roots and herbs from the Amazon, this set clears negative energy, breaks curses, and attracts luck. Dive into a cleansing ritual infused with ancient wisdom and natural ingredients. Shop now and elevate your spiritual journey!

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<p “=””>Set off two soaps from Brazil. (Hex Breaker and Road Opener). <p “=””>The black Soap is for cleansing and Purification and the Blue Soap is to open up roads.

Life is made up of spontaneous laughter, true friendships, everlasting love and unforgettable moments … and to make sure everything stays on this path, it is always good to energize yourself with coarse salt, rosemary and rue!

Indulge in the essence of life’s precious moments with our Afro-Brazilian soap set, handcrafted with a blend of roots and herbs sourced deep from the Amazon. Designed to clear away negative energy and break curses, this set comes with a powerful amulet for protection. The dark brown soap is tailored for deep cleansing and breaking hexes, while the blue soap is crafted to open roads, attract luck, and infuse positive energy. Additionally, the included bracelet is blessed with energy and energized with the influence of the Orichas to provide protection and ward off enemies. Made with 95% plant-derived ingredients, including nourishing oils and extracts, our soap set offers a luxurious experience that revitalizes both body and spirit.

Handmade with 95% plant ingredients: saponified orbignya oleifera seed oil *, glycerin *, alcohol *, grape seed oil *, sweet almond oil *, Aloe Barbadensis extract *, Butyrospermum Parkii butter (butter Shea) *, lauryl glycoside *, stearic acid *, sodium lactate *, sucrose *, aquamarine, rosmarinus officinallis oil *, sea salt, rue graveolens * plant, perfume / fragrance, cinnamal hexyl **, linalol * *. * vegetable origin, ** component of essential oils and fragrances.


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