Cosmic Ascension ( Joshua David Stone )


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Almost all the books on the planet on the subject of ascension are written about planetary ascension. However, because of the extraordinary times in which we now live, in terms of Earth s history, there is a new opening and potentiality to also begin one s cosmic ascension process.
This has never before been available. It must be understood, as Vywamus has said, that in completing our planetary ascension, we are no more than one-tenth of the way up a ten-inch ruler in terms of our cosmic ascension process. This includes most of the ascended masters. We on Earth who are working to complete our seven levels of initation must remember that there are 352 levels of initiation to return to the godhead, or Father-Mother God, at the top of creation. Most of the ascended masters of the entire spiritual hierarchy are not beyond the twelfth initiation. This is not a criticism, just a simple statement of fact.
The question is, What lies beyond the next nine-tenths of the ruler, and how do we achieve our cosmic ascension as well as our planetary ascension (which is no small feat in and of itself)? It is for this purpose that the author was guided to write this book.


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