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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 3 in


A Sigil is a Symbol artistically created to symbolize a specific intention in your life.

Each custom made Sigil candle will be hand carved with a personalized Sigil made specifically for you and your intention. Each Sigil Symbol is unique and uniquely yours! Created just for you.
The candle will be dressed with appropriate essential oils and herbs & varied colors of glitter.
Before the candle is inserted into the glass, An offering of honey is placed in the bottom along with a small petition prayer paper. These candles are beautiful to look at, place them where you will enjoy them daily.

These Candles are Seven Day Removable Glass Jar candles. They will burn for Apx seven days if burned continuously (apx 168 hours).
I love Sigil Symbols as I believe these artistic symbols speak deeply to our subconscious mind.

As this candle will be created personally for you you will need to message me simple information outlined below .
Please allow a week for me to prepare your candle as I will take into consideration the Astrological Weather and intuitive energy of your intention when carving your Sigil Symbol.
My job is provide the perfect personalized candle for you.

Your Sigil Candle will come with information about the creation process for your personal sigil candle & instructions.

When ordering please message me the following:

1. Specific intention (if you desire) no more than two sentences in length.

2. Your Sun and Moon sign (your Birthdate if your comfortable )

All these specifics will be crafted into your Sigil Symbol Candle.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 3 in


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