Energy Wash Empowerment


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Weight 0.75 lbs


Energy Wash Empowerment

Size: 8oz

Renew your energy with our special blend to activate your healing energy and energize your aura by increasing and elevating you vibration. Use one bottle of our powerful bend every Thursday for 3 consecutive weeks on Sun’s hour to increase your energy and heal yourself in all levels.
Our special blend is made with Organic herbs, Essential Oils, Cristal infusions and the Mystics Powerful energy.


Repeat this affirmation: I am the creator of my own reality. I am a fountain of abundance, overflowing with positive energy. I realize all my dreams and desires. I attract all I need to achieve my goals.


Light an orange or Road Opener candle as you repeat the affirmation above. Visualize all blockages disappearing … all obstacles overcome. Write down your goals and repeat them aloud daily for 5 weeks. See yourself attain your desired salary, love partner, or business opportunity.


Dilute this formula in a liter of mineral water. After your shower or bath, pour the diluted Energy Wash over your head. Allow it to air dry. Use this wash as needed … but only on a Wednesday at Mercury’s hour*. Use it in advance of a job interview, a first date, or before trying to close a new business deal or opportunity.


Energized and renewed with our Empowering Energy Wash elevates your energy and vibration allowing you to heal in all aspects enabling you to become energetically strong and rasing your vibration level. It bathes you in forcefully charged energy.

*Sun’s hour changes daily.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs


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