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The information shared in this section of the book is designed to give the reader the ability to experience the InTuiTouch Method first hand. The procedures that follow will help the reader promote the healing of self or the healing of others. It a step by step procedure that is so simple, one would think that there is something missing. One would think precisely that, until they have experienced the results for themselves or those whom they are applying the method. The procedures are taken directly out of the course manual for InTuiTouch Basic Certification Course that is being taught by Dr. Bourque-Starr and his team of teachers in seminars across the U.S. and Mexico. You will enjoy the straightforward approach and the clarity of explanations regarding positioning and application of this healing technique. The contents however, cannot replace the value of the TWO DAY WORKSHOP that leads to certification. This is a hands’ on intense course that includes the theoretical and practical application combined with a fun-filled mixture of guided mediations, consciousness expanding topics and great friendships and bonding with fellow healers and practitioners. Nothing can replace the value of this experience. Obviously, the energy shared in a group setting with enthusiastic students and the magical presentation of Dr. Bourque-Starr and his team of teachers is a weekend to remember. Many participants express going through a healthy version of an “identity crises” as they are not the same person that left home for the weekend as the person who returns home.


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