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Bayberry Root Magical Properties


Barberry is a very protective plant. Use in protection sachets to hang over the front door or in magical rituals and spell craft to attract luck, prosperity or power. Known under names ranging from Berberis Vulgaris and Mountain Grape to Holy Thorn, Barberry has been known to possess medicinal qualities for well over 2500 years. In Indian folk lore it is mentioned as a potent treatment for diarrhea, the reduction of fevers and the improvement of appetite. It is also believed to aid in relieving upset stomachs while promoting vigour and well-being.


Gender: Feminine
Element: Earth
Planet: Mars, Saturn
Sign: Aries, Scorpio
Magical Uses: Protection (especially children), curse/hex breaking, repelling bad magic.


Good fortune, luck, healing, and  stress  relief. Burn a white candle sprinkled with bayberry bark for good fortune and money Anoint green candles for prosperity in the home.  Brings luck to your home and gold to your pocket.


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