Shapeshifting with Our Animal Companions


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Journeys with animals for personal transformation and enlightenment

• Reveals how shapeshifting with the animal kingdom allows us to experience different forms of consciousness and expand our perception of the world

• Examines the three phases of transforming consciousness: letting go, opening to experience, and integrating awareness

• Explores how shapeshifting provides an understanding of death as a transformation rather than an ending

Shapeshifting with Our Animal Companions, Dawn Baumann Brunke moves beyond the “how” and “why” of animal communication presented in her earlier books to a profound journey of shared spiritual awareness. Through conversations, dreams, and merged consciousness with a variety of animals and spirit beings, she reveals the vast treasure of wisdom and experiences offered to us as we open ourselves to the consciousness of others, confront and release our fears of death, and expand our sensory perception to include other modes of existence.

Brunke reveals how by shapeshifting–moving in and out of shared awareness with others and particularly animals–we may better understand and embrace the diversity of consciousness in our world as we learn to awaken our true selves. Through encounters with shapeshifting animal teachers, she explores the three stages of transforming consciousness: letting go of old ideas and habitual modes of perception, experiencing different forms of consciousness through the eyes of others, and integrating these experiences into a greater awareness of our own being–thus discovering the deeper nature of who we all really are.


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