Membership Policy

With respect to all memberships and on demand viewing (collectively, “Memberships”):

Any and all payments with respect to Memberships are non-refundable. No refunds will be given under any circumstances. In the event Client cancels or disputes any such payment with the bank or for any reason, Client will be charged a $150.00 processing fee, plus a fee of 20% of the amount of the chargeback or returned check, as applicable. and Client shall be blocked from any and all services from Contractor. Such decision is final and binding. 

Clients must undergo the credit card verification process. Clients must download the forms from Contractor’s website, and correctly complete and submit the forms directly on to Contractor’s website (including the Policy Agreement, Credit Card Authorization Form, Photo Copy of your Driver’s License or Government Identification and Credit Card). If the contractor is unable to collect the paperwork, it will be deemed a Failure to Comply with requirements by Client and will result in the suspension of the Membership until the Client submits the forms in the manner described in this clause 2. As stated above, all Memberships are non-refundable, even in the event of a suspension.

Any videos that Client accesses are proprietary to Contractor and confidential and may not be shared or downloaded.  

In the event you disparage Contractor, threaten, harass, criticize, defame, or express negative comments or insults with respect to Contractor (including without limitation Deseret Tavares / The Mystics Altar Inc. or any team member), whether by chat, e-mail, telephone call, WhatsApp, any social media or otherwise, Client will be immediately removed and blocked from Contractor’s platform and shall be prohibited from receiving any and all services provided by Contractor, in each case without notice and with no refund for any Membership.

All Memberships renew automatically at the end of the applicable membership period without notice to Client, and Client hereby agrees to such auto-renewal. Memberships shall continue to auto-renew until Client cancels the membership online directly on the system. In the event Client delivers such written notice of cancellation, Client will be charged for the remainder of the applicable membership period (i.e., there are no refunds for a partial membership period).

By purchasing a Membership, you acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions of such Membership may change at any time without notice.

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