Videos on Demand


The Client who pays for any of the classes, live events and / or workshops (collectively, “Events”, and individually, an “Event”) offered by the Contractor, must be fully responsible for complying with and participating in the times specified.

The Client must log in to the Event on the Contractor’s website or follow the scheduling link sent with the confirmation email. The Contractor will hold the Event on the specified day and time. If the Client does not enter at the indicated time, the Client will lose his / her Event (subject to the next sentence).

All Events will be recorded by the Contractor, therefore, the Client who does not enter the specified day and time, may access the recording one time by paying a fee of $250.00 dollars for non-attendance. Due to the Contractor’s busy schedule, the Contractor has the right to reschedule the Event at any time. In such an event, the Contractor or an assistant will notify the Client of the new schedule.

Recording of the Event is strictly prohibited and is subject to a $50,000 fine and the Contractor retains all rights to pursue all remedies available under applicable laws. All material is intellectual property of Deseret Tavares and subject to The Mystics Altar INC Registered TradeMark.