Auntvi’s Aura Sprays New Moon 4OZ


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Every month, the new moon cycles, inviting us to enjoy the positive and fertile energy of dark places. Aunt Vi’s New Moon Spray refreshes the hidden spaces, rich with new beginnings. This planetary blend of essences and oils helps us clear out, go deep and recharge our magnetic attraction.

The vibrational gem essences of Magnetite, Pyrite and Double Terminated Quartz, along with Rainbow and Black Moonstone, hold the new moon energy, pregnant with possibilities! The beautifully delightful and blossoming aroma of the pure essential oil of Neroli uplifts us while the pure essential oil of Ginger inspires manifestation.

The New Moon is the time of ritual and the time to ignite your plans: Light the fire. Burn candles & incense. Turn on the oven. Bake bread. Get warm. Feel your openness. Write dreams down and save them in a special place or burn them!

The New Moon Spray reminds us of our power to visualize the future and pull ourselves out of ruts by inviting the universe to assist and inspire us.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 0.25 in


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