Energy Wash Hex Breaker


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Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 4 in


Energy Wash Hex Breaker

Size: 8oz

Activate the LIGHT within you to raise your vibration as you activate the light around to cleanse and liberate yourself from .

This powerful blend is specially formulated to Break Hexes, Cut Cords with People and Evil Spirits, Cleanse Mind, Body and Spirit, Banishes Witchcraft, Negative Energy, Entities, Negative People, Jeoaulusy, Evil Eye and Nightmares.


Dilute this formula in a liter of mineral water. After your shower or bath, pour the diluted Energy Wash over your head. Allow it to air dry. Use this Energy Wash on a Tuesday on Mar’s Hour or on a Saturday on Saturn’s hour*.


For CLEANSING and RENEWING use 7 Energy Wash daily for 7 consecutive days.

**We recommend everyone to cleanse every 6 months for maximum results or as needed.

To BREAK HEXES or WITCHCRAFT attack use 1 Energy Wash daily for 7 consecutive days to break hexes and balance your energy, follow with 1 PROTECTIVE Energy Wash on a Tuesday for 9 weeks.

To PUSH AWAY EVIL SPIRITS use 1 Energy wash daily for 21 days before bedtime.

Negative spirits often manifest themselves in your home with roten odors, a presence, changes in temperature to a low temperature in the room they often scratch you at night or they hit you while you sleep, attack you sexually, physically, financially they also create conflict within the family members. Psychic attacks are also comment and they usually include paranormal activity in your home or business.

To CLEAR NEGATIVE ENERGY, ENVIE, and EVIL EYE use 3 Energy Washes for 3 consecutive days.

To BALANCE your energy use 1 Energy Wash before bedtime.

Our special blend is made with Organic herbs, Essential Oils, Cristal infusions and the Mystics Powerful energy.


3 Saint Michael / 7 Plain Color 7 Day Candles

3 Spell Breaker 7 Day Candles

3 Block Buster 7 Day Candles

Your candles need to burn for 21 days.


Repeat this affirmation: I am free of negativity. I free myself of all ties, all blockages, black magic, all attachments that prevent my personal growth. I am surrounded purely with divine light and unconditional love.


Light a Gay Candle with a Spell Breaker and a Block Buster Candle as you repeat the affirmation above. Visualize yourself peeling away layers of negative energy from your aura. See yourself release guilt, remorse, anger, and sorrow. (repeat the candles for 3 consecutive weeks)

As you bathe visualize all negativity drain down the drain as you wash negativity and darkness out of your life. Breathe deeply. Feel your aura become lighter with each breath you release. Know that you are loved and protected.


In light energy, healing and protection.


Free of negativity, spells and hexes, and free of stress. Hex Breaker Energy Wash will bring a healing energy to your body and spirit that allows your inner light to shine.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 4 in


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