Organic Herbs – Blessed Thistle


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Blessed Thistle Magical Properties

 Protection, Hex Breaking, Purification 

Gender:  Masculine
Planet:  Mars
Element: Fire

In Medieval times Blessed Thistle was believed to prevent and cure the plague.

As such a strong preventative, magically it can be brewed as a tea and sprinkled around a space to protect it from negativity and to bring spiritual aid. It can be boiled and placed beside one while meditating so the rising steam will bring your questions up and clear the channel for the answers to be heard.A man can carry it for more virility and to to be a better lover. Placing a bowl of the herb in a room is said to bring strength of spirit and vitality to the body. Putting blessed thistle in a garment or poppet will break any hex or spell. To remove negative energy use  Blessed Thistle, Yerba Santa, Angelica Root and Basil in a bath, tea or mojo bag. To make a powerful spirit summoning incense burn the herbs Blessed Thistle, Asafoetida and Peppermint with the oils of Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrrh and the Benzoin Resin.


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