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Celandine RootMagical Properties 

Protection, Happiness, Aid in Legal Matters, Luck, Prophetic Dreams, Protection from Authorities, Aid in Legal Matters

Gender: Feminine
Planet:  Sun
Element: Fire

Celandine is a poisonous herb that also goes by the name of Celydoyne, Chelidonium, Devil’s Milk, Greater Celandine, Kenning Wort, Swallow Herb, Swallow-Wort and Tetterwort

Celandine is used in magic for protection, to aid in escape, for happiness and to aid in legal matters. Wearing celandine next to the skin is thought to bring the bearer luck, but it must be replaced every three days. This will also help if one feels trapped. It has been noted that wearing  will bring one good spirits and joy and is said to cure depression. There are claims that it aids in prophetic dreams when used in a sleep pillow.

Celandine aids in escaping unwarranted imprisonment and entrapments of every kind. Wear next to the skin and replace every three days for this purpose. Celandine also imparts good spirits and joy if worn. It also cures depression. Wear to court to win the favor of the judge or jury, or as a protective herb. 



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