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Buck Eye Magical Properties


Potency, Luck, Money, Attraction


Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mercury
Element: Water


The Buckeye Nut is a popular curio with reputed power to ward off rheumatism, arthritis, and headaches and ensure male potency. For this purpose, it is carried in the front pocket and oiled to keep it smooth and shiny. In addition, many folks wrap a two-dollar bill around the buckeye (folding it toward them to draw the money) to bring good luck in games of chance. some people drill a hole in a buckeye, fill the hole with liquid mercury, and seal it with wax. Metallic quicksilver is used because Mercury is the God of games of chance and sleight of hand. Others add  a buckeye to a green flannel mojo bag containing lucky money herbs such as chamomile, bayberry or cinnamon. Before handling their cash, they dress the bag with money drawing oil and recite the 23rd pslam.


1 Seed Per Bag



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