Organic Herbs – Oregano Leaf


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Oregano Leaf Magical Properties


Health, Joy, Love, Luck, Protection, Psychic Dreams


Gender: Feminine/Masculine (depending on tradition)
Planet: Venus/Mercury (depending on tradition)
Element: Air


Oregano is a Mediterranean herb commonly used to season food, but in addition to its culinary uses, it is also widely believed to be a Protective herb with the power to ward off troublesome and meddling individuals, especially those who may wish to interfere with one’s personal financial dealings. Furthermore, Oregano is said to have significant Power to Keep the Law Away. Many people would not be with without it if they wish to conduct business in private. They say that if the law does interfere with their work, they mix Oregano with Cascara Sagrada Bark, burn them on charcoal, and pray for success before their court date so that matters will turn out in a way that is most helpful to their own case.



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