Energy Wash Unblock


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Energy Wash Unblock

Size: 8oz

Do you have financial problems you can’t find a job or you are single and can’t find that special someone? Our special blend is the perfect aid to help you remove all blockages that keep you form achieving your success. Use one bottle of our powerful bend on a Tuesday for 7 consecutive days on Mar’s hour to remove all obstacles that stand in your way of success.

Our special blend is made with Organic herbs, Essential Oils, Cristal infusions and the Mystics Powerful energy


Dilute this formula in a liter of mineral water. After your shower or bath, pour the diluted Energy Wash over your head. Allow it to air dry.Use this wash for 7 consecutive days. The first use should occur at Mar’s hour* on a Tuesday.

Light a Block Buster, Jinx Removing and a Plain Black candle repeat the candles for 3 consecutive weeks.


Repeat this affirmation: I am free of negativity. I free myself of all ties, all blockages, all attachmentsthat prevent my personal growth. I am surrounded purely with divine light and unconditional love.


Light a Block Buster candle as you repeat the affirmation above. Visualize yourself removing all obstacles that stand in your way see the as they disappear from your path as you remove layers of negative energy from your aura. See yourself removing guilt, remorse, anger, and sorrow. See them slip down the drain as you wash negativity and darkness out of your life. Breathe deeply. Feel your aura become lighter with each breath you release. Know that you are loved and protected.


Freedom, Light, and unlock the unblocking energy for our formula.


Free of blockages and free of stress. Unblocking Energy Wash will bring a healing energy to your body and spirit that allows your inner light to shine and remove obstacles from your path.


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